Updates! [Up to Aug/24/2011]

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Updates! [Up to Aug/24/2011] Empty Updates! [Up to Aug/24/2011]

Post  Jojo<3 on Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:00 pm

-Added Zakum / Scarlion & Targa PQs. Just talk to the corresponding NPC in Henesys.
-Added Donator Shop / Donator Training Map / Cucumber farming Map for Donators / some commands for donators.
-Added SuperRebirth Npc(King) which gives out a MSI for 500 RBs.
-Added Pet shop NPC which sells pets(rare pets) for 10 Vote Points each.
-Added Dungeon Man NPC which sends you to our training dungeons.
-Added Teacher NPC which gives you the GM job if you have 30 Cucumbers and 1,000 Rebirths.
-Added Monster Spawner NPC which is located in FMs 15-21, and spawns monsters to train.
-Added "Bossy Girl" NPC which trades some boss items for the corresponding item that each boss drops.
-Added @autocumber Command which triggers whether each time you get max mesos, you automatically get a cucumber or not.
-Added @aio command for faster arriving to the All in one shop.
-Added @spinel to talk to her faster.
-Added more GM commands.
-Made it so only players die when using "killmap".
I forgot everything else xP

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