Updates (Up to Sep/9/11)

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Updates (Up to Sep/9/11) Empty Updates (Up to Sep/9/11)

Post  Jojo<3 on Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:56 pm

Alright these are the things I remember the most.
-Added @dojo to go there
-Added DojoPoints NPC Shop.
-Added @autorebirth/@autorebirtha/@autorebirthc (switch to turn on or off the auto rebirth to the desired classes)
-Fixed the Log in for the website.(You can also unstuck your characters there)
-Implemented a new Voting system, now you get 20k NX per vote + 1 VotePoint (No more point glitching or problems)
-Added PvP!
-Added Custom Hairs/Chairs/Weapons/Mounts
~The weapons include ALL of the v99 weapons(Some you may know: Unwelcome guest Weapons, VIP weapons, Von Leon Weapons, and ALOT more)
-Changed the server's name to RenatusMS

-More things that I forgot Tongue

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