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Post  Jojo<3 on Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:39 pm

Please click here for the donation page.
Or Here if it doesn't work.

If you'd like to help out with server updates, and make this server 24/7, please donate, and we shall buy a Dedicated Server <3.

1-Domain name(Will be able to remodel the site which includes a ranking): $0.oo / $12.oo
2-VPS(Almost like a Dedi, but less cost.): $0.oo / $12.oo
2-Dedicated Server(Make the server 24/7 and able to hold more than 100 people.): $0.oo / $250.oo

Before Donating please be aware, and you must agree to these terms.
1-You have no right whatsoever to receive a refund(it's a non-profit donation, you're not buying anything)
2-The money will be used for server payments.
3-We have the right to deny your donation for any reason(Meaning we can return your money and deny the donation if we want).
4-All of these rewards are only Gifts to thank you.
5-You are doing it at your free will.

"Thank you gifts" for donating:

$1 = 5 DonorPoints
$5 = 30DonorPoints & 5 GM Scrolls
$10 = 55 DonorPoints, 50 Cucumbers & 15GM Scrolls
$20 = 110 DonorPoints, 100 Cucumbers & 25 GM Scrolls
$50 = 300 DonorPoints, 300 Cucumbers & 100 GM Scrolls
$75 = 450 DonorPoints, 700 Cucumbers & 150GM Scrolls
$125 = Donator GM InGame.


DonorPoints can be used for multiple things. You can use them to buy things normal players can't, for a better 1 person training map, a cucumber farming map, etc.
GM Scrolls mean that a GM uses a scroll on your item that doesn't take up any slots.
From $20+ you get the Donator Status(Meaning you get extra commands only for donors).
With $75 you can get the JrGM rank InGame, all the commands up to JrGM.
$125 Earns you a GM rank (Just below the Admin rank) which you can do basically anything.
~~~~IF YOU DONATE FOR GM/JRGM, You HAVE to behave, if you don't you will be demoted with no refund!~~~~

Thanks for being so generous. You won't regret it!

With love,

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