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Post  Cael on Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:04 pm

1- Real Name or Nickname:Cael Smile
2- In-game-name:Toon

3- Timezone: GMT +11
4- Where do you live? (State/Country):Melbourne, Australlia

5- If some staff members are arguing, what would you do? See what i that situation and see if i can make it fair or both sides. Also try to make it right so the staff memebers won't argue about the same topic again
6- If someone is breaking the rules/hacking, what would you do to that person? I would go in hide and see if they are actually hacking. If they are I would ethier video it or SS it for proof. (I shall NEVER ban someone without proof that he/she is truely hacking)
7- Would you do and or follow the orders a higher ranked staff member gives you? Of course I would but it depends on the situation if the higher rank staff memeber is trying to do something bad or trying to do something to inflict the server in a bad way then no I would not help the person. If in that case happens i will report to Jojo.

8- Why should we choose you? I think you guys sould choose me beause I have had experience and I would love to help this server. Even though I haven't been here long I still feel that I can contribute.
9- If you get hired, and become part of the staff:
9.a- If a a close friend asks you for an item, would you give it to that friend? No I would not. If I gave a friend an item it's like i'd have to give everyone in the server one. So it wouldn't be fair.
9.b- Would you give items away? I would only give items away if someone has won an event.

10- Summarize yourself/ Describe yourself:What makes me stand out that sometimes in ignorant I don't like anybody hating on each other or that nonsense. I'm a VERY talkative person even though I might not sound like it in game you should see me on skype (Caellll).
I also live in Australia and im asian .... but i have dumpster grades.

Do you follow the rules / orders?
Yes, I do follow rules and orders (If the orders are reasonable)
12- Are you loyal(You stay in one server and only work for that one)? I will work for this server and ONLY this sever.
13- Have you ever been part of the staff(Jr GM/GM/Admin) in any other server?[ I have been a gm before in HeliosStory proof will be below

14- Please provide us with proof: i48.servimg(.)com/u/f48/16/88/91/92/maples10(.)jpg i48.servimg(.)com/u/f48/16/88/91/92/maples11(.)jpg

Thanks for reading my app Smile

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