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Pixel's Web developer Application Empty Pixel's Web developer Application

Post  Pixel on Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:26 am

1- Real Name or Nickname: Kedar

2- In-game-name: Pixel

3- Timezone:Central

4- Where do you live? (State/Country):

5- Can you code? If so, what kind of Coding do you know? Yes, HTML (5), CSS, some PHP, some jQuery.

6- How much time have you been coding? About a year.
8- Why should we choose you?
I have a lot of experience in Web developing. I like this server, and I want to do something for it!
Also, the current website has an overused template, which is used for almost every private server out there. Unique sites help bring in new players, because it's the first thing they see when they click the link on gtop!
7- Please provide proof of your coding:
Pixel's Web developer Application 02
A slightly messy layout, long loadtime. Please note that the website is somewhat broken without an actual gameserver linked to it (ex: NO background image, some pages don't work)

Edit: Had some free time, and it now has a fast load time, and is clean on the back end. I also fixed up some images. Please note that the "Status" does not work correctly due to the webserver not being linked to a gameserver.

Pixel's Web developer Application 03
RoundCMS: Incomplete. Has some nice visual elements to it, but needs some more work on graphics, and a more unified color scheme.
Pixel's Web developer Application 01
TreeCMS. This one is a CMS that is almost complete. It has a good combination of images and css effects. Needs a tiny bit more work on one or two more pages.

9- If you get hired, and become part of the staff:
9.a- If a a close friend asks you for an item, would you give it to that friend? No.
9.b- Would you give items away? No.

10- Summarize yourself/ Describe yourself:
I am a 15 year old male. I am friendly, and open to ideas. I like criticism on my websites, because it tells me what I should improve on.

11- Do you follow the rules / orders? Yes!

12- Are you loyal(You stay in one server and only work for that one)? Yes, I am loyal.

Please note that my host is upgrading their SQL scripts, so parts of the site may not work correctly.

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