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Wadz GM Applycation Empty Wadz GM Applycation

Post  Wadz on Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:41 am

1- Real Name or Nickname: Wadi Z.

2- In-game-name: Wadz

3- Timezone: Atlantic Time Zone

4- Where do you live? (State/Country): Halifax/NovaScotia

5- If some staff members are arguing, what would you do? I would sort it out or call Jojo to talk with them

6- If someone is breaking the rules/hacking, what would you do to that person? I would never ban any player without your permission or at least telling you about it unless it was completely obvious that the player was hacking or something in that manner.

7- Would you do and or follow the orders a higher ranked staff member gives you? yes i will obey any orders of a higher ranked staff member, unless it's not of need.

8- Why should we choose you? I'll do what ever it takes to help someone to enjoy the server & have fun. If people I know that are looking for a new server to play, I would invite them to ResureMs. Giving them a fun sweet server to play in. I am usually a friendly person, and by hosting events as much as possible, because I have noticed that players usually want events but during that time there isn't a GM on, I am very active on ResureMs so I would be able to help them with what they want event wise.You can also depend on me being online a lot! I'm extremely active and play whenever I'm hanging out at home, even if it's just to log on and chat with other players.

9- If you get hired, and become part of the staff:
9.a- If a a close friend asks you for an item, would you give it to that friend? I would naver give a item to a player with out ur permison.
9.b- Would you give items away? I would only give item if a player wins a event.

10- Summarize yourself/ Describe yourself: I really enjoy playing ResureMS. I like to play sports like basket-ball, soccer, hockey, football, etc.
I love to play video games I play XBOX 360 PS2 WII if you have Xbox 360 feel free to add me my gamertag is: I POKE U XBOX.

11- Do you follow the rules / orders? Ofcourse i will do anything a staff members or owner tells me to do.

12- Are you loyal(You stay in one server and only work for that one)? Ofcouse.

13- Have you ever been part of the staff(Jr GM/GM/Admin) in any other server? I currently have no past experience being a GM. But I am looking forward to starting if you give me the chance. I do think I am ready for the position and I hope you feel the same way. I've became attached to the server and will not be leaving anytime soon. I just thought I'd do more than just sit and talk all day.

14- Please provide us with proof:

PS. sorry the picture is blury i took an extra one on my phone just in case.

Your past works (GFX/web/video etc...): I just recently started getting into GFX but I have yet to figure out most of the basics.

Wadz GM Applycation Resure11

Other: This server is by far the best!!!Smile

Thank you
Sincerely Wadz

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Wadz GM Applycation Empty Re: Wadz GM Applycation

Post  Jojo<3 on Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:01 am

Nice app, but some things aren't good at all.
Just because you have a picture that says that your char is "GM" doesn't mean you are. That's only the job. Anyone can get that job, relog and then take the picture. Another thing is that those pictures don't even say that the server is SexyMS, so those pictures are useless as proof, sorry :/ .
And if you are trying to lie, that gives me an example of how you really are, and that's bad...

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Wadz GM Applycation Empty Wadz

Post  Wadz on Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:11 am

ok ty jojo and i change my gm app. ty for u post

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Wadz GM Applycation Empty Re: Wadz GM Applycation

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