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Post  Jojo<3 on Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:53 pm

Please follow this guideline to post your own Application:

1- Real Name or Nickname:

2- In-game-name:

3- Timezone:

4- Where do you live? (State/Country):

5- If some staff members are arguing, what would you do?

6- If someone is breaking the rules/hacking, what would you do to that person?

7- Would you do and or follow the orders a higher ranked staff member gives you?

8- Why should we choose you?

9- If you get hired, and become part of the staff:
9.a- If a a close friend asks you for an item, would you give it to that friend?
9.b- Would you give items away?

10- Summarize yourself/ Describe yourself:

11- Do you follow the rules / orders?

12- Are you loyal(You stay in one server and only work for that one)?

13- Have you ever been part of the staff(Jr GM/GM/Admin) in any other server?

14- Please provide us with proof:

Note: This MUST be followed, thank you! And you should also add some COLOR!

With Love,


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GM App. Format Empty HONEYDEW :D

Post  lolzzzzzzz on Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:34 am

1- U can call me JR

2- My player name is HoneyDew Very Happy

3- Timezone:GMT +8

4- I live in singapore.

5- If the staff members argue i will stop them and try to make them like become friends again.

6- i would give him one more chance before i do report him.

7- i would do my best if it is reasonable

8- you should choose me because i wanted to try the feeling as a gm it feels like u can do alot of things that a normal play could not do so i hope that u would choose me

9.a- If a close freind wanted me to give him an item i would had give him but had to depend on what kind of item.
9.b- i would only give items away that i think that i no long had use of it.

10- i am still studying quite bad in my result, i am fat T_T, well quite freindly i am sometimes i just dont know wat to say about myself.

11- i follow most of the rules i guess

12- Well i will be loyal unless something more intresting pops out but u cant stop me from being a gm if the rest of the reply are good and base on this u stop me.

13- nope i had nvr been a JR Gm, Gm or watever thingy it is.the proof is this is my 2nd time play a private server and the previous server shut down after i play for like 2 hours lol

With Love,


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GM App. Format Empty RE ; Gm format

Post  Rain on Thu Sep 08, 2011 5:21 am

make a application at the gm application topic.

Not posting here.

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