GFX Artist's App. Format.

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GFX Artist's App. Format. Empty GFX Artist's App. Format.

Post  Jojo<3 on Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:47 pm

Please follow this guideline to post your own Application:

1- Real Name or Nickname:

2- In-game-name:

3- Timezone:

4- Where do you live? (State/Country):

5- Can you make GFX Art / Pictures / Banners? Can you animate them too?

6- How much time have you been a GFX Artist?

7- Please provide proof of your art:

8- Why should we choose you?

9- If you get hired, and become part of the staff:
9.a- If a a close friend asks you for an item, would you give it to that friend?
9.b- Would you give items away?

10- Summarize yourself/ Describe yourself:

11- Do you follow the rules / orders?

12- Are you loyal(You stay in one server and only work for that one)?

Note: This MUST be followed, thank you! And you should also add some COLOR!

With Love,


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